Any data is protected at the highest level with us, no matter in whose hands you are in our company. We treat your personal data confidentially in accordance with the EU Data Protection Regulation DS-GVO as well as in accordance with the current Federal Data Protection Act BDSG.
At the beginning of the employment of new employees, they are trained and must familiarize themselves with our data protection concept / data protection manual. With their signature, they confirm that they will act in accordance with our data protection manual.
Contact details of the data protection officer:
Gem. § Section 4 f of the German Federal Data Protection Act (BDSG) is
Mr. Michael Drecker appointed as data protection officer.
The contact details are:
Nolff Möbelwerk GmbH & Co KG
Lindenstraße 9-15
71540 Murrhardt.
Tel.: 07192 / 211-20

Legal data protection obligations arise from our field of activity. We have imposed obligations on ourselves in order to guarantee our employees, our customers and partners, and our suppliers a particularly high level of data protection. suppliers a particularly high level of data protection.
Purpose of data collection:
Our goal to collect, process or use as little personal data as possible. It is personal Data collected to record employees, principals, intermediaries, suppliers, prospects and customers in the EDP. This is done with the aim of making daily cooperation as well as business relations as efficient as possible. Prospect data is collected in order to address potential customers in an advertising manner within the legally permissible scope. If we become aware of the invalidity of data records, a decision will be made on a case-by-case basis as to whether the data will be deleted, or whether the corresponding record can be updated. Personal data already collected, processed or used are treated according to the same principle in consultation with our customers.
Address data provided will be used exclusively for the purpose of mutual employee or business relations, used for the performance of an ordered service in accordance with the order. We  do not transmit any data to third parties.
Appointment of a data protection officer
Gem. In accordance with § 4 f of the German Federal Data Protection Act (BDSG), Mr. Michael Drecker is appointed data protection officer.

Michael Drecker – Lindenstraße 9-15 – 71540 Murrhardt-Fornsbach – Tel. 49 (0) 7192 211-20 –

Technical and organizational measures
Companies that collect, process or use personal data must take technical and organizational measures, to comply with the provisions of the BDSG. Nolff Möbelwerk GmbH & Co KG fulfills this claim through the following measures:
1. access control.
The entrances to the administration building can be opened (in the evening) only with security keys, which are only in the possession of of a few, select employees. Strangers can only gain access by registering at the secretary’s office or with selected employees. Visitors must be picked up in person by a staff member.
Organizationally, it is regulated that strangers are not allowed to stay or move alone in the building.
2. access control to computer systems.
All EDP and PC systems are password protected. Passwords must meet high standards and are renewed as needed. Old passwords cannot be reused.
3. access control.
Access to network directories in which personal data is stored is restricted to the individuals to whom the data is to be used.
4. order control.
Address data will only be processed in accordance with the client’s instructions.
5. availability control
Our IT system is protected against data loss by daily backups. In the event of events damaging the EDP system, the Data backup also stored safely outside the server room.
6. obligation of employees to comply with the provisions of data protection law.
All employees receive annual training to prepare them for their obligations to respect postal and privacy rights. data secrecy and attest to this with their signature. In addition, they are provided with the current essential content of the Regulations of the DS-GVO / BDSG explained. You will also be given written summaries of the most important regulations, our data protection manual.
7. handling of waste paper.
Written material containing personal data is collected in a sealed container and handed over to a company committed to data protection for destruction. committed company for destruction.
Data protection in connection with the use of this website – information on the handling of your data.
Certain services on our website require registration, where we collect your information such as name, address, telephone number and e-mail address query. We will only ever ask for this data in the amount we need for the one service you have requested. We do not transmit any data to third parties. Data that you have given us once, we store in our EDP until you expressly object to the .
Can the use and application of personal data or this privacy policy change?
We continuously monitor the handling of personal data against the background of the provisions of data protection law and adjusted if necessary. Please take note of our privacy policy at regular intervals, which reflects the current state of of our handling of personal information.
Information, deletion, blocking.
You have the right at any time to free information about your stored personal data, the purpose of processing, as well as a right to to correction and deletion of this data.