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Lindenstr. 9-15
D-71540 Murrhardt-Fornsbach
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   The advantages of Nolff kitchens
~ Customer-specific kitchens
~ High-quality materials
~ Sophisticated designs
~ Ingenious functionality
~ Extensive showrooms

The presented kitchens, colour and decor combinations as well as
accessories are examples selected from our extensive kitchen range.
Excellent design for an impressive aesthetic appearance, functional
equipment in approved quality and behind every front an ingenious
interior are the outstanding features of our kitchens.
We aim at fulfilling your requirements. Together with our qualified
trade partners, we support you in choosing your dream kitchen.
Take a look at further possibilities and let us provide you with
a tailor-made solution.

For the room for inspirations – Your kitchen!

Nolff-Quality kitchens can be purchased from selected dealers.
Solid expert knowledge, high quality awareness and perfect customer
service are their outstanding features. Our trade partners have all
been awarded the exclusive Nolff Certificate.

Tailor-made and approved!
At Nolff, we plan according to the customer’s requirements and make
to order. With modern technology and excellent craftsmanship, we can
meet the high demands you place on your kitchen without limitation.
Every kitchen is subject to stringent quality control.
You can rely on Nolff!